Black caps in all styles

Black is the darkest colour there is. Black stands for timeless and comes across as powerful. This is often why our customers choose a black cap. Black caps are therefore very popular among men. For those who generally like black, a black cap is ideal. You never have to look long for the best fitting headgear. You wear your cap in black on all your outfits. But there are other reasons why caps in black are chosen. With black, you create beautiful contrasts. Think of black and white, black and yellow or black and grey. On the other hand, you bring subtle nuances to your clothes by wearing black on dark blue or dark brown, for example. That also works perfectly! Precisely because black can be worn on almost anything, we at Hatland have designed various types of black caps for men and for women. And you will find black in our spring/summer as well as autumn/winter collection.

Top quality black caps

Hatland pays a lot of attention to quality. We invest in research and in constantly improving our hats. And this pays off! For years, we have been known for our top quality. Our fabrics are carefully selected. We also add extra features to our caps: cooldown, UV protection, waterproof or windstoppers, for example. This is no different for our black caps. Feel free to take a look at the features and specifications for each model. You will be amazed at what your favourite black cap offers.

Which model will you choose?

You are looking for men's black caps for going out with friends, for example. Will you choose a trendy baseball cap or a dressy flat cap? Or are you looking for a black cap for women for strolling along the dyke or in town? Then you might go for a skipper cap or army cap. If you want to follow the trends and keep up to date with news about black caps, sign up for our newsletter. You will find a lot of inspiration in it to find the right black caps for men or for women.

Variety with our black caps

Our designers have known it for a long time: you can have fun experimenting with black and get great results. They design unicolour black caps for men and for women. But they also let their imagination work and create two- and even multi-coloured caps with black incorporated. For example, choose from our checked, striped or chequered caps where black is combined with other colours. Sometimes you will discover real surprises. Scottish tartan motifs with black-red-white or checked caps with black-white-grey are among the possibilities. You get the allure of an English landlord or a chic golf ball player. What used to be worn only by older gentlemen is now hip and trendy. Our multi-coloured caps with black are worn by young and old, by ladies and by gentlemen. A black cap is no longer for workmen, but is now hip worn on any outfit. Whether in summer to block out the sun, or in winter worn with black gloves to combat the cold. Would you like advice on styling with black caps for men or for women? After all, each black cap for men has a different look. Ditto for ladies. Feel free to ask us, contact us and we will be happy to help.

For your black cap, one address: Hatland

Opting for your cap in the colour black? An excellent choice! A cap in black is always successful. You order them via our web shop and soon you can wear them. It's that easy at Hatland!