Fishing hats

Order a bucket hat 

A bucket hat is the perfect hat to wear when you go outside. The bucket hat is also called a bucket hat. In the past, this type of headgear was mainly worn by people who went fishing for a day, hence the name. Nowadays we see bucket hats more and more often in the streets. These accessories are worn by both men and women. There are also no age restrictions on wearing a nice bucket hat. In addition, this hat has additional advantages that you will not see with the other types of hats in our range.  

What are bucket hats? 

Bucket hats are headgear with a round shape and a clearly visible brim. A bucket hat can be worn anywhere and goes well with a variety of outfits. The biggest advantage of the bucket hat is the fact that it provides excellent protection against various weather conditions such as wind and rain. This hat also ensures that you are less or not bothered by annoying creatures such as mosquitoes. This outdoor hat is best suited for real outdoors people who love to go out. Whether in nature or at a fun festival, it's all possible with a stylish bucket hat! With different materials such as leather, wool, fabric, wicker and Gore-Tex, there are hats that protect against the heat, cold and rain. 

Men's bucket hat

Buying a bucket hat for men is a wise move. They are very practical and comfortable headgear. Nowadays, hats are increasingly worn by men, and the bucket hat for men cannot be missing from your collection. On the one hand, as described earlier, they provide protection against unpleasant weather conditions and mosquitoes. On the other hand, they are also very comfortable. Moreover, the men's bucket hat from Hatland looks very nice. Thanks to our wide range, you can certainly buy a nice bucket hat that suits you well.


Ladies' bucket hat

Hatland is also the right place for a bucket hat for women. In the past, these types of hats were mainly worn by men. Today, however, that is no longer the case. A bucket hat for women is trendy and hip nowadays. In terms of the range of hats at Hatland, the choice for ladies is also slightly more varied. This is because there are more colors available for women's bucket hats than for men. For example, you can choose an elegant white bucket hat or a bright red bucket hat that attracts attention. 

The special thing about a bucket hat Anyone who sees a fisherman hat immediately recognizes it. This is a very distinctive headgear. No other hat, cap or cap can match the shape of a bucket hat. There is something sympathetic about it, but it still remains a pretty cool headgear. That is why both women and men can be found in favor of a bucket hat. We therefore offer both bucket hats for women and bucket hats for men. Take a close look at the specifications of each bucket hat. Special features such as UV-resistant, breathable, water-repellent or even rollable are just a few of the many choices you have with our fishing hats.  

Our bucket hats for women 

Ladies who choose a fisherman hat wear them in a different way than men. They really consider it part of their outfit. That is why they often choose colorful bucket hats for women: red, blue, yellow or orange, for example. We make a bucket hat for women in special prints and colours. What do you think, for example, of a bucket hat for women with a leopard print or made from a fabric with thick ribs. A beautiful bucket hat for women completes your look. Would you like advice about styling? We help you! 

Our bucket hats for men A fisherman cannot live without his fishing hat, that is a fact. But these typical fisherman hats for men are so practical and pleasant to wear that men also choose a fisherman hat for other occasions. Working outside, walking or cycling to work is perfect with a bucket hat for men. Fisherman hats with a drawstring at the back give you even more protection in inclement weather conditions. Fabrics that are windproof or extras such as earflaps make a men's bucket hat a truly functional piece of clothing. Are you looking for a bucket hat for men for certain activities, but you don't know what to choose? You contact us and we will be happy to advise you. 

The different types of bucket hats There are many available types of bucket hats to choose from. At Hatland we have decided to offer bucket hats of excellent quality, sourced from reliable suppliers. This means you can wear our bucket hats for years to come without any problems! These nice headgear are available in various colors and sizes. In addition, some bucket hats also have useful extras. There are water-repellent or waterproof fishing hats, anti-mosquito fishing hats and even fishing hats with a sweatband available. Due to the many options, you are sure to find a suitable fishing hat that suits you perfectly! 

Bucket hats for stylish women

Hatland bucket hats are available in different designs and materials, fabrics and printing. A bucket hat is not just any headgear. While you protect yourself from the sun, you also make a fashion statement that will surprise many men or women, because a bucket hat completes your look. Due to the versatility of our collection, there is always a bucket hat to match every outfit, so you always look good. Whether you go for an elegant look or a casual outfit, you always show that you have style and flair. A bucket hat is not just a summer hat, not just head protection, but a fashionable way to show that you look your best and take good care of yourself.  


Buying a bucket hat at Hatland?

If you have decided to buy a bucket hat, it is a great idea to purchase one or even several from Hatland. In addition to bucket hats, Hatland has an extensive range of various other hats such as slit hats, fedora hats, vintage hats, beach hats, but also sun hats, rain hats and several types of caps. You will not regret your purchase due to the high quality, excellent price-quality ratio and the fast delivery time of the bucket hats. So what are you waiting for? Take a chance and buy a beautiful bucket hat from Hatland!