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Ordering a beach hat online
Are you going on holiday to the sun? Then a summer hat from Hatland should not be missing in your suitcase! A good summer hat protects you from the sun's harmful rays.  A summer hat or beach hat comes in many shapes, sizes, materials and colours.  If we look at the beach hat for women, we see many light natural shades, sometimes with a contrasting colour. A common material used in women's beach hats is straw. These hats are made of woven straw. This is a 100% natural material that is very light and, due to its porosity, airy. Besides straw, the materials Raffia, Toyo or cotton are also frequently used. On a hot summer day, there is nothing better than wearing a good summer hat. Besides always looking nice, it definitely has a function. For instance, most hats come with UPF50+ protection. This protects the skin from the sun's harmful rays. But what about the brim of the hat? This finely shades your face and in front of your eyes. Depending on the hat model, it has a narrower or wider brim.


Top quality beach hat
When it comes to beach hats, there are many models to choose from. To start with the truly classic beach hat: the flap hat. This hat is characterised by a wide, floppy brim. Hatland has the Occillia raffia hat. A beautiful beach hat made of 100% raffia. Around the brim of the hat is a beautiful coloured chiffon band. The Ocillia is available in the colours: olive, brown, leopard and black. The hat has an adjustment bow on the inside, making it suitable for all sizes. The Vessel is another beautiful beach hat in the flap hat category. The Vessel is made of 100% toyo and is available in the colours: beige, light blue and navy. This beach hat is available in sizes S to XL. The Tasmine beach hat cannot be missing from this list either. The beautiful beach hat is made of 100% straw and finished with a matching beaded necklace in matching colour. This flap hat has the additional feature that it is so flexible that it can be rolled up without damaging the hat and is very easy to carry in your luggage. This beach hat also has an adjustment strap so that it fits everyone and you can tighten it if required so that the hat does not blow off.

Find a beautiful beach hat at Hatland
Going to the beach and wearing a beautiful beach hat, surely this is the epitome of class. Ladies wear their beach hat mainly to look elegant, but also to protect themselves from bright sunshine. A hat in a natural colour with a brightly coloured accent is very in with the ladies. Think straw hats and flap hats. Men prefer cool beach hats such as Fedora hats or vintage hats. They often opt for natural shades, enhanced by an accent in dark brown or black.

Trendy beach hats for women and men
At Hatland, we follow fashion closely. Our beach hats for men and women have a classic base on the one hand. On the other hand, they exude contemporary class. Here, tradition goes hand in hand with hip and trendy.

 Our beach hats are thoroughly tested

Whether it is a men's or a women's beach hat, all our hats are subjected to rigorous testing. From the design stage onwards, the work is highly critical and production is closely monitored. And what's more: our own employees wear our beach hats and give their findings. As a result, our beach hats are improved again and again.

Buy beach hats in many shapes and sizes
Besides the classic flap hat, you also see a lot of sun visors appearing in fashion these days. A sun visor is a flap, which is worn on the head with a kind of hairband. Sometimes the band is an elastic one that is tied completely around the head.  The sun visor offers protection for the eyes. In the Hatland collection, there are a number of different models. You can choose from the more classic sun visor, which are made of raffia and have a nice coloured hairband made of cotton. Thus, this sun visor matches perfectly with any summer outfit! Want a beach hat other than a flap hat? We also have these models in our collection at Hatland. Consider the Karla, a beautiful beach hat made of 100% straw with a nice matching chain around the brim. The hat does not have a full brim but only a flap. With the chain around the brim, this Karla hat gives you the real boho feeling.  The Welcome beach hat is a standard model hat but made of 100% toyo, which is wonderfully lightweight. Because of the light colours of the hat, it matches well with all your beautiful beach outfits.  It is available in white, light blue and navy. A beach hat can therefore not be missing from your wardrobe. Buy a beach hat at Hatland! It will complete any outfit and give you that great summer feeling!