A grey cap, subtle yet stylish

A cap in grey offers many possibilities. Grey is a discreet colour, which is why our grey caps for men and for women have to make the most of their design. The advantage of a grey cap is that it can be worn on many other colours. For example, you wear a grey cap for women on a grey dress. But it goes equally well with a white, black, red, green dress. A grey cap for men goes with grey shorts, a grey t-shirt or a grey jumper. And we also see grey caps for men with more striking colours such as brown, dark green or navy blue. All these combinations are perfectly possible with a cap in grey.

A grey cap for every season

Grey is a colour in between, which is why it is chosen both for spring/summer and autumn/winter. At Hatland, we therefore offer warm flat grey caps in corduroy as well as breezy skipper caps and baseball caps in grey. Go through our webshop and you will discover many more models and designs in grey.

A grey cap for every occasion

Caps have a more sporty look than hats, for example. Yet not all caps are the same. One cap will look dressier than the other. A flat grey cap for women, for example, will give your outfit a chic look. A grey cap for men in the version of a skipper's cap also has a totally different look than, say, a grey baseball cap. A grey cap for women in an army version looks completely different from a tough trucker cap in grey. If you have decided to buy a grey cap for men or women but still have doubts about the model or material, contact one of our specialists and you will get a lot of information. Also take a look at our blogs, where you will find fun facts about wearing caps. And did you know that you can make your own suggestions? Our customers know better than anyone else how our caps are and how they can be adjusted if necessary. Every idea and suggestion is welcome. Just contact us for these, too. Our designers will be happy to work on it.

Want to buy a grey cap? Hatland offers top quality

Did you know that we wear our own caps ourselves? Indeed, we have a number of employees who test our caps day in and day out. With which attire does one wear grey caps for women and grey caps for men? Are grey caps more preferred by men than ladies? Or are grey caps chosen by ladies because there is a tough edge to them? Our designers collect their findings and use them as a basis to adjust, improve or make our grey caps even more trendy. Whether you choose grey or another colour for your cap, thanks to the years of experience of our Hatland designers, you will always get top quality, comfort and class.

Your grey cap delivered soon

Make your choice and easily order your grey cap online. If you order before 15:00, it will be packed and sent to you the same day. No need to wait long for your grey cap. We offer competitive guarantees and a complaints policy. Not only do we go for quality, we also provide correct service. We are happy to help you find the perfect grey cap for you. Summer or autumn, gentleman or lady, and for whatever activity, you will enjoy your grey cap from Hatland for a long time!