Anti Mosquito

Buy anti mosquito caps

At Hatland, we have developed a unique cap with anti mosquito protection. What exactly does this mean? The fabric used for these caps is treated with a special coating. This special coating keeps all insects and other small critters at bay without killing them. You know it? Whether you're hiking in the jungle or closer to home, nothing is more annoying than having small insects and other critters buzzing around your head all the time. Buying a cap against mosquitoes is easy at Hatland.   Cap against mosquitoes, what are these suitable for? This anti-mosquito cap is therefore extremely suitable for people who go on holiday to, for example, the jungle, hiking holidays, but also closer to the forest or just outside in nature, this cap offers you ultimate protection.  Also great for people who do a lot of outdoor work in summer. You will have to experience it for yourself!

What Anti Mosquito caps models are there?

This anti mosquito cap comes in different models. For example, we have the classic baseball cap with anti-mosquito but also a cap with neck flap, this cap offers extra protection in the neck against all insects and other small critters. This anti-mosquito line caps comes in the colours beige, green and blue.

Additional features of the Anti Mosquito caps?

Apart from the unique anti mosquito action, these caps also have UPF50+ action, so ultimate sun protection! The fabric of these caps is also breathable, which means it will not sweat in warm weather. Did the cap get wet? No problem! The fabric is quick-drying. And besides all these great features, the cap is also very lightweight. So this makes this cap the ideal travel partner. Whether you are going far away to the Jungle or hiking close to home in nature. If you want to order a cap against mosquitoes, Hatland has a good collection with the ideal cap for you.