Autumn / Winter

A winter hat, brave cold and rain in style

Our winter hats for women and men are designed to get you through the winter in style and comfort. Whether you go sporty with a fisherman's hat, for example, or you're looking more for a classic woolly hat or a tough leather hat, style also gets the attention with us.

Choose top quality at Hatland

Besides the look of our winter hats, we also guarantee top quality. Both our women's winter hats and our men's winter hats are thoroughly tested, also by our own staff. We only add a winter or autumn hat to our collection when we are 100% satisfied with it ourselves.

Our hats meet many requirements

Because autumn and winter is a big challenge for a hat, we pay special attention to certain properties. For example, we offer water-repellent and windproof men's and women's winter hats. Winter hats with ear flaps are also not missing from our range. Do you have any other requirements or expectations for your men's winter hat or ladies' winter hat? Contact us and we will answer your questions.

We bring colour to your outfit in winter too

A winter hat for ladies does not always have to be black. And a men's winter hat does not always have to be grey or brown. Feel free to match your winter or autumn hat to your wardrobe. Choose the same colour as your clothes for your winter hat or create a nice contrast. We manufacture our winter hats in all imaginable colours. For example, you can choose a winter hat for women in bright red or blue. And you will have no trouble finding an autumn hat for men in beige or light grey, for example. If you want to add a spicy touch to your autumn or winter outfit, you're in the perfect place at Hatland!

Your own style, winter and summer

Thanks to our many styles and colours that are also available in our hats for winter, you can keep your own style in every season. Make your choice on our website and send us your order today. Your beautiful hat for winter will be delivered soon.