Linen caps

A lovely summer linen cap

With the summer season approaching, Hatland has another great collection of linen caps in stock for you. Hatland is the specialist when it comes to headwear and has two different new collections every year. Every year, a summer collection of hats and caps and a winter collection of hats, caps and beanies appear. In the summer collection, a selection of linen caps cannot be missing. A wonderfully airy linen cap is central to the summer season and is therefore a best seller in our range.

What is a linen cap?

A linen cap is naturally characterised by the fine and light fabric that wears wonderfully on a hot summer day. Linen is a type of textile made from flax, the final fabric we know as linen. Linen is a strong fabric that guarantees quality and durability. Linen differs from cotton, for example, in its density and thickness. A linen cap therefore often weighs a lot less than another fabric, making it enormously comfortable.

Linen caps in all colours and sizes

So what makes Hatland so unique? Firstly, Hatland is a Dutch brand targeting hat and cap lovers in Europe. Secondly, Hatland offers huge choice when it comes to hats and caps. For example, we have the linen cap in numerous colours, models and sizes. So there is something to suit everyone's taste! Whether you are looking for a black cap, a blue cap or a beige cap, Hatland has it in stock. Besides linen caps, we have caps made of many other materials such as:

  • Cotton caps
  • Fabric caps
  • Nylon caps

The wide range of high-quality caps means there is bound to be something for you. Pay attention to our special features, which Hatland is known for. Take a look and complete your outfit with a hat from Hatland!