Polyester hats

A polyester hat, modern technology of high quality

Polyester is waterproof and a hat in this material is very strong. People use polyester, for example, for canoes and sailing yachts. In textiles, it also has many applications. Shirts, skirts and suits are made in this fabric. Corporate clothing and furniture upholstery are also found in nylon. This means that it is a very sturdy fabric. Polyester, on the other hand, is also often mixed with other fabrics, such as cotton. In what percentage the chosen polyester is waterproof and makes your hat waterproof depends on exactly what percentage of polyester is incorporated in the fabric. You can find these specifications with each of our polyester hats.

Autumn, winter, spring or summer, a polyester hat for every season

You already read above that polyester is waterproof and makes your hat weatherproof, ideal for autumn and winter. You will therefore find some of these hats among our rain hats and fishing hats. Polyester is a light fabric and is therefore pleasant to wear even in spring and summer.

Polyester, a fabric that is easy to work with

Polyester consists of plastic and is woven in very fine threads. With plastic, color can easily be added. Therefore, you will also find our hats in polyester in various colors: blue, green or black, for example. And did you also know that we have polyester hats in camouflage colors in our range? It gives a spicy and sporty touch to your hat.

Polyester is easy to maintain

Polyester is waterproof and your hat is therefore water repellent. It does not absorb moisture and also little dirt. Basically, it will not need to be washed. If you want to know more about maintaining your hats, you can find this on our website. Or you can ask one of our employees, via mail or phone or by filling in the form. This way you will always keep your hat in top shape.

Buying your hat in polyester

Once you have made your choice, order before 3:00 pm. Then your product will be shipped the same day. Would you like more information about our hats or one hat in particular? Contact us, we are here for you!