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Choose quality caps and go for your own style 

You wear a cap for a variety of reasons. Maybe buying a cap is just a way to protect you from the sun, rain or cold. But caps can also be a perfect part of your personal outfit. A cap gives you a unique look. At Hatland, we wear our hats ourselves and therefore we know how they feel and what conditions a good hat should meet. We are constantly improving our caps and are always looking for new fabrics, new prints and new models. You will find caps in every style and for every occasion. Dressy or sporty caps, caps for going fishing or caps for braving the cold, these are some caps you can buy at Hatland. 

A cap for everyone, in every season 

Because everyone is different and has a different style, we at Hatland offer a very wide range of caps. We have in our range caps for women and for men. And you will also find nice caps for children. Because caps are worn all year round, we design a large number of trendy caps for both spring/summer and autumn/winter. Buy the most beautiful trendy cap at Hatland.

Types, materials and colors in our caps store 

A cap is not just any cap with us. Therefore, you should think carefully about which cap you want to buy. We pay very close attention to quality, look and finish. Thus, you can buy caps from us in different materials: cotton, linen, nylon or wool, for example. As for the models, choose from army, baseball, flat brim, flat caps, skipper caps, snapback caps, trucker caps or sun visors. If you are going to buy a cap, also check out the features of the caps. For summer, you may want to buy an anti-mosquito, fisherman's hat, cooldown or uv-resistant UPF50+ cap to keep out the sun. Then for winter, you might go for wind-repellent or water-repellent. And what color or pattern do you desire: plain, checkered or plaid, striped, corduroy or braided? You can't imagine it or we have a cap in it. That's why buying a cap from Hatland is a good choice.

Buy Caps and Hats 

At Hatland you will find both caps and caps. Our caps have a sporty look, where our caps have a more traditional look. How you wear them is up to you. It can be quite stylish to wear a sporty cap on traditional pants. Or do you want to buy a cool, classic cap and wear it on your jeans? It's possible! 

Men and women wear hats 

There is no longer an age on wearing a cap. And the distinction between men and women when wearing a cap is no longer applicable. We at Hatland ensure that there is a wide selection of caps for both men and women. In our webshop you can buy exactly the cap you have been looking for for so long. Feel free to pay attention to details and design. Combine colors with your garments, shoes and accessories. Would you like advice when buying a cap, would you like advice on the specific features or would you like to know more about styling with caps? Contact us, we are at your service!

Combining a cap with your personal wardrobe 

There are no general rules for wearing caps. Until recently, we saw sporty caps only in sports clubs or on sports grounds, classic caps were worn by older gentlemen, and ladies were rarely seen wearing caps. These days are fortunately over. Now everyone can buy a cap according to his or her style and thus complete his or her outfit. For example, we see many young people wearing classic caps and sporty caps can be worn perfectly when going out with friends. Would you like to buy a cap in camouflage colors to go out in nature or would you like an eye-catching color? It's all possible!

How to buy the right caps at Hatland?
If you cannot quickly find what you are looking for among our large selection of caps, use the filters on our website. This will allow i to buy the ideal cap. We have arranged these headwear by type, material, feature, color and seasons. This way you can easily buy the cap you are looking for. In addition, choose the right size and your choice is made. Our selection changes regularly. If you have found the cap of your choice, be quick! Ordering before 15:00 means that your cap will be shipped the next day. You get free shipping from €25 in the Netherlands. Here you can already find a lot of information. Also discover our wide range of hats, caps and gloves. And want to stay informed about the latest trends in headwear? Then subscribe to our newsletter. If you still have doubts or want more information about our caps, contact us and we will be happy to advise you! Buying a cap at Hatland ensures you comfort, style and quality. 

How do I choose the right hat size at Hatland? 

Choosing the right size cap is essential for comfort and style. Many of our caps are adjustable, ensuring a flexible fit. For non-adjustable caps, measure the circumference of your head and compare it to our size chart. A well-fitting cap is comfortable without being too snug or loose.

What types of caps does Hatland offer?
At Hatland, we have a wide range of caps, including baseball caps, flat caps, trucker caps, and snapbacks. Each style has its unique look and functionality, from sporty to classic. Baseball caps are ideal for casual wear and protect against the sun, while flat caps offer a stylish, traditional look. 

Are Hatland caps suitable for all seasons? 
Yes. At Hatland, we offer caps suitable for every season. Summer caps are lightweight and breathable, often made of cotton or mesh for ventilation. For winter, there are thicker hats made of wool or fleece that offer warmth. Water-repellent materials are also available for rainy days.

What is the best way to maintain my Hatland cap? 
Maintaining your cap depends on the material. For most cotton or synthetic caps, you can gently hand wash them with mild soapy water and let them air dry. Avoid using the dryer, as this can affect the shape. For specific care instructions, refer to the labels on the cap. 

Can I wear a Hatland cap during sports activities?
Absolutely, many of our caps are specifically designed for active lifestyles. Baseball caps and trucker caps are popular for outdoor sports because of their secure fit and sun protection. Choose caps with breathable materials and moisture-wicking properties for added comfort during intense activities. 

How do I choose a cap that suits my style?
Choosing a cap depends on your personal style and the occasion. Baseball caps are versatile and go well with a casual look. Flat caps are elegant and can be worn both casually and formally. Consider the color and design of the cap to match your outfit and personal preference.