Stylish brown caps at Hatland

Brown has long been an important colour for caps. For example, corduroy caps are often made in brown. We also see a lot of brown in woollen caps, in addition to grey and black. Brown is a typical colour for autumn and winter, for example in combination with brown gloves. Especially dark brown is often worn during these seasons. It is a warm colour and goes well with dark clothes. But everyone has different tastes and desires and brown is nowadays also a colour worn in other seasons. That's why we also offer many brown caps for spring and summer. We have different shades of brown: from very light to very dark. If we include bronze and khaki in the brown shades, the choice becomes even bigger.

Go for brown for a warm touch

Brown belongs to the warm colours. Caps in brown, for example, are easy to combine with orange, yellow, ochre, green and beige. But maybe you like brown, a warm colour, as well as cooler colours such as, for example, black, grey and blue. So how do you make a brown cap match your outfit? At Hatland, we have a solution for this: our multi-coloured caps.

Our range of brown multi-coloured caps

Take our chequered and checked caps, for example. Or take a look at our striped or herringbone versions. If you choose another colour in these caps besides brown that appears in your clothing, your cap will be perfectly assorted with your clothing. For example, a cap with brown and beige has a slightly warmer look than one with brown and blue. For those who love details, such caps are very nice. The subtle combining with your clothes shows that you choose your clothes carefully. It shows style and class.

Quality guaranteed by Hatland

Our brown caps are designed with care. Our stylists do their utmost to design contemporary beautiful hats. We also pay attention to quality. We choose only top-quality fabrics. And in addition, we sometimes add extra features to our caps. For example, we offer brown caps made of a breathable fabric or caps that repel insects: our anti-mosquito caps. A cap with a neck flap protects you even more from the sun. And we have windproof and waterproof caps, for example. You will discover more such features if you use the filters of our shop. Check out the specifications for each brown cap and you will immediately see what you can do with your brown cap.

A brown cap in every style

At Hatland, we offer various types of caps in brown. Army caps, flat caps, trucker caps or baseball caps. These are just a few examples of our many brown caps. You can easily find all these different types by using the filters. You like to choose your brown cap according to the style of your clothes. We have brown caps for all activities, for all ages, for women and men and in various fabrics. Can't choose properly because of all this abundance of brown caps? Don't worry, we are here for you. Just contact us and we will help you out. Our experts will explain the different fabrics, the styling, the quality and the various possibilities. Once you have made your choice, order your cap online and it will be shipped free of charge from €25 in the Netherlands. Just wait a few days and it will be delivered to your door. In the meantime, maybe you will get some inspiration from our blogs. We are sure of one thing: once you have bought your brown cap, it will become your favourite headgear!