The most beautiful blue hats

A hat in blue stands out immediately. Blue is a fresh colour and often brings to mind summer, sea and beach. A hat in blue and white has even more of this summer atmosphere. For example, you can find beach hats for women in blue, but men choose blue for their hats just as well, for example for going fishing or being active outdoors. It becomes even more striking if you choose a straw or wicker hat with blue, for example. But indeed, why not just venture into a hat for the ladies in a shade of blue? After all, blue for a hat is punchy and shows that you choose your outfit carefully. With a hat in blue, you will make a statement.

A hat with blue and white, a full hat in blue or something else?

You choose the degree of blue in a hat. Do you go for women's hats that are blue across the entire design, or do you opt for a hat that combines blue and white? In Hatland's range, you will find various ways of using blue in a hat. For example, check out hats in blue with natural, a polyester hat in blue with a brown leather belt or an Anti-Mosquito hat in blue with a grey brim. You will notice that Hatland incorporates blue in its hats in many types and styles. When we incorporate blue and white in a hat, we get a totally different look than if we choose blue only for the same hat. Therefore, we offer you the possibility to choose the amount of blue in a hat yourself.

Blue hats for men and women, for young and old

Why are so many ladies' hats available in blue? Because blue is very popular among ladies. Light blue, sea blue and sky blue are particular favourites among ladies. But men also regularly choose blue for their hats. They then usually choose a hat in blue of a darker kind. Young people tend to go for light colours, seniors for dark colours. But this is not a constant either. Even young people sometimes see us going for very dark blue. Blue is of all times and will remain trendy for a long time. That is why a blue hat is always a good choice.

Choose the perfect hat and match your style

A hat in blue naturally goes with blue clothes. A nice suit, a summer dress, a dressy suit or jeans.... blue suits every style. Feel free to think out-of-the-box with a blue hat. You often see a Panama hat in white and black, but a blue variant is just that little bit more daring. Or do you go for a special hat, the Fedora, but in a blue variant? Or are you going more for the functional side of the hat and looking for a breathable, cool-down hat or a UV-resistant UPF50+ hat, for example? We have all these models in a blue version.

Looking for a hat for women in blue? You will find it here!

Are you choosing a hat for women in blue because it is so special? This is an excellent choice! A hat with blue and white or a hat with blue and white and another colour, we have them all in our range. Are you fascinated by a blue hat and want specific information? Contact us by mail or phone. Or ask your questions via our form. Our stylists will give you advice and help you combine your outfit with your blue hat. That way, you will go through life in style.