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Sun protection is very important nowadays. Too much exposure to UV rays is harmful to the skin and can even cause skin cancer. But faster aging can also occur. Good protection is therefore essential.


What exactly does UPF50+ mean?

UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor. This is the extent to which you are protected against harmful UV radiation. The highest possible factor is UPF50+. This factor blocks 98% of UV radiation.


 The most beautiful sun hat with UPF50 protection

The abbreviations UPF and SPF (Sun Protection Factor) mean the same thing. They both indicate the UV transmittance. The SPF factor is used in sunscreens, and the UPF factor is used in UV-resistant clothing. Most hats already protect your scalp a little against the sun. But the harmful UV rays are very strong. The harmful UV radiation also comes through a hat or cap. That is why our sun hats are treated with a special coating that gives the sun hat UPF50+ protection. This means you are fully protected against the UV rays on your head. In addition to the UPF50+ protection, a sun hat also gives you protection for your eyes, due to the shade that the brim of the hat gives off. Partly because of this, wearing a sun hat in the summer is extra pleasant.


Sun hats collection for women and men

The collection of sun hats at Hatland is very diverse. There are many models available. Whether you go outside for a walk, to cycle, to work or simply to sit on a terrace, we have the right sun hat or cap with UV protection for every occasion. But in addition to the standard hats and caps with UV protection, we also have caps with a neck flap that also offers you protection against the sun. Extremely suitable for those who spend a long time outside in the bright sun. Think of long bike rides or a beautiful hike in the mountains. In addition to the functional properties of a sun hat with UV protection, a sun hat is of course also a fashion accessory. You can vary so much with this. At Hatland we have a huge selection of sun hats. From beautiful floppy hats, bucket hats, sun visors to beautiful Panama hats. We have everything here. But what are the criteria for a nice sun hat? First of all, it is of course important that the sun hat offers complete UV protection. Hatland hats with UV protection all have UPF50+ protection. In addition, the sun hat must of course fit comfortably, feel light and be nice and airy. In addition to all these features, it is of course also nice if the sun hat is beautiful and matches your outfit. You can go for a sun hat that matches your outfit in color or one that suits you best in terms of model. A lovely sun hat for women is a nice option on a beach, but a sun hat for men is also available. For a long walk in the mountains, for example, a more functional sun hat is more suitable. Consider, for example, a nice hat for men, such as the Xavier model or our classic topper, the Bushwalker, one of our best-selling hats for years. But caps such as the Tropic, Clarion and the Reef also have UV50+ protection. We also have beautiful buckets with UV 50+ protection, such as the Kasai, Revelstoke and the Botswana. So be sensible and protect yourself against the harmful effects of UV radiation. Hatland's extensive collection of sun hats couldn't be more wrong!

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Are you looking for a sun hat for women or a sun hat for men? Our offer is very extensive. Ladies like to go for elegant models, men often stick to cool. This is not a problem at Hatland. We pay attention to details and incorporate them into our designs. Choose the sun hat that suits your character and your clothes. We will help you with this!

Sun hats for women, sun hats for men, different properties

With each sun hat you will find which characteristics we have given to the hat. Perhaps you would like a women's sun hat for the beach? Then you could also choose a UPF 50+ (UV-resistant) hat. Or you are looking for a men's sun hat that is water-repellent or has an adjustable sweatband. It's all possible at Hatland! You choose exactly the hat that meets your requirements.


Choosing your sun hat at Hatland

In our online hat shop you can quickly and easily choose the sun hat you are looking for. Thanks to the filters, you can choose the colors, properties, materials and size. You order the men's sun hat or the women's sun hat of your choice online and we deliver very quickly. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service. We are ready for you!