Ear flap

A cap with ear flaps for protection

What if you have to cycle to work every day, through wind, rain and cold? Wonderful in the summer months, but in winter it can be very cold. You'd like to buy a cap or a hat against the cold. And how nice is it when you find out that, apart from the standard hats and caps, there are also models with ear flaps. These are specially designed to keep your ears warm in the cold.  At Hatland, we have several models of hats, caps and caps with ear flaps. The ear flaps are usually made of fleece fabric.  

Ear flap to warm your head

Of course, you are very happy with the purchase of a beautiful Hatland cap with ear flaps. But it is not every day so cold that you want to make use of this feature. You don't need to use the ear flap every day, as when you are not using them you can very easily fold them back into the cap or hat. You will not notice anything about this. So on less cold days, you can still wear your fine cap without the ear flaps being too hot.

A cap with ear flap for your walk

Basically, of course, a cap is meant to keep your head nice and warm in winter and to protect your head from the sun in summer.  But whereas in summer you have caps with a neck flap to protect your neck from the sun, in winter you have the cap with ear flaps to keep your ears nice and warm. Ideal for cycling or long walks.   For many people who work outside every day in winter, such as construction workers or market vendors, it is also nice to wear a warm cap, especially one with ear flaps to keep your ears nice and warm.

The best cap with ear flaps at an affordable price

On our website, you can find an extensive collection of caps and hats with ear flaps. Besides being clearly indicated in the photo, you can also recognise these caps by the logo of a cap with ear flaps. With a hat with ear flaps from Hatland, you will never have cold ears in winter!