Leather hats

A leather hat, cool and natural

Leather hats are a paragon of class. Men's leather hats look cool. Typical leather hats for men are cowboy hats. They have been around for decades and have proven that they can handle a lot. A leather hat for women adds a tough touch to your appearance, but is still feminine and elegant. A leather hat looks cool, fashionable and elegant. A leather hat from Hatland is a high-quality leather hat. As leather is a warm material, leather hats are mostly worn in autumn and winter. Still want to stay in the same style as your leather hat in spring and summer? Then take a look at our spring/summer collection. You are guaranteed to find similar models but in different materials.

The best quality leather for your hat

Leather is very strong. Therefore, a leather hat from Hatland is also strong. We notice among our customers that a leather hat is worn by men for years. A leather hat for ladies should also be in peak condition. Therefore, at Hatland, we choose only the best leather for our leather hats for men and women. We test the leather of our hats ourselves. Our employees wear our leather hats, and this is the ideal way to gather experiences. Based on their findings and the experiences of our customers, we keep improving our leather hats.

Combine leather with leather, class guaranteed!

Leather hats for men are very easy to combine. Men's leather hats go perfectly with a leather jacket, leather boots and leather gloves. A leather hat for women goes very well with a leather skirt and a leather handbag. But a women's leather hat can also be perfectly combined with softer materials: a silk scarf or a woollen jumper, for example. All our leather hats, whether a leather hat for women or a leather hat for men, exude class. For men, leather hats are a great addition to their attire. A leather men's hat always has something tough, leather men's hats have that extra touch. With a leather hat from Hatland, you know you're in the right place. Because of our years of experience in selling leather hats, we know exactly what quality is. Take a look among our extensive range for the ideal leather hat for you!

Special features of our men's leather hats

A leather hat may seem fragile. But feel free to wear our men's leather hats in inclement weather. Take a close look at the specifications of each leather hat for men. For instance, some of our men's leather hats are water-repellent. Others are UV-resistant (UFP 50+). And we even have leather hats that are rollable. Usually, you will find a combination of these features in our men's leather hats. You see: you choose a beautiful leather hat for men and get a range of useful features with it.

Choose leather, a 100% natural material

A leather hat is pleasant to wear because it is a completely natural product. It settles perfectly to your head and becomes a part of you, so to speak. A leather hat becomes more beautiful with age. Leather is a living material and if you take good care of it, leather hats will retain their original quality. After a while, your men's leather hat or women's leather hat will take on a beautiful lived-in look. But that is precisely the charm of a leather hat. If you like natural products, also check out our linen hats, woollen hats and cotton hats. You will probably also like our hats in hemp or straw/cane.

Which men's leather hat should you choose?

A leather hat is a very personal headgear. True fans of leather hats have their personal tastes and preferences. At Hatland, you will therefore find various models, as well as various materials and, more importantly, different styles. Do you want a genuine Australian cowboy hat in leather or rather a leather fisherman's hat? Make your choice from our large selection.

At Hatland, you will find quality and class for your leather hat

If you are looking for men's leather hats or you want to buy a women's leather hat, just choose Hatland. We combine style and class and add extra allure to your outfit. All leather hats for men are manufactured with care. Ditto for the ladies, of course. Order your men's leather hats or ladies' leather hats today. Ordering before 15:00 means that your leather hats will leave our shop today. Choosing leather hats is choosing your own style. Would you like to know how a leather hat for men or a leather hat for women can add to your charm and class? Get in touch with us. You can do so via our form, by e-mail or by phone. Our staff will tell you all about the charm and quality of our leather hats!