Frequently asked questions about our gloves

How do you determine the right size gloves at Hatland?

Choosing the right size gloves is crucial for comfort and functionality. Measure the circumference of your hand just above the thumb and compare this measurement with our size chart. Click here for tips on how to measure your hand size. A well-fitting glove will fit closely without being too tight and provide sufficient freedom of movement for your fingers. 

What materials are used for Hatland gloves?

At Hatland, we offer gloves in a variety of materials, including leather for durability and a refined look, wool for natural warmth and comfort, and synthetic fabrics for water resistance and flexibility. Each material has its own advantages, depending on use and weather conditions.

How do you maintain gloves from Hatland for longevity?

Maintaining your gloves depends on the material. Leather gloves require regular conditioning to keep them supple. Wool and synthetic gloves can usually be machine washed on a gentle cycle.

Does Hatland also offer waterproof gloves?

In Hatland's range, you will find gloves specifically designed to be waterproof, ideal for rainy or snowy conditions. These gloves are made with materials and technologies that prevent water from penetrating, while remaining comfortable and breathable.

 Can I find gloves for specific activities at Hatland?

At Hatland, we have a wide range of gloves suitable for various activities, such as hiking, cycling, and skiing. These gloves are designed with specific features such as extra grip, insulation, and flexibility to meet the demands of different types of activities.