Buying a hat in red

At Hatland, we aim to cater to as many styles and tastes as possible. A hat in red as well as yellow or green is very popular. If you choose red or yellow or green for a hat, it shows punch. It is a bold choice that is guaranteed to work. Red is a fiery colour and suits spring/summer season as well as autumn/winter. In winter, a red hat also pairs excellently with red gloves, completing your outfit. No other colour compares to it. With a little imagination, you can create your own style with a red hat.

Choose your hat in red, choose your outfit in combination with your hat

Whether you choose red or yellow or green for a hat, it is important that your outfit and your hat go together perfectly. For example, a hat in red is very stylish if your attire also features red. Gentlemen, go for a hat in red combined with a red tie, a red scarf or red gloves. Ladies, look for a hat in red that goes perfectly with red-framed sunglasses, red lipstick and red pumps. Red or yellow or green with a hat always works the same way. As soon as one of these colours is also in your outfit, it's OK. Combine and let your imagination run wild is the message here. Feel free to call on our expertise if you want to know more about styling and outfit.

Go for pure class with hats in red

You will go through life very flamboyantly if you buy a striking red hat. Discover, for example, a flap hat in red, a vintage hat in red, a red nylon hat or a stylish fabric hat in red. These are examples of common models that everyone is familiar with. But if you choose them in a red colour, they suddenly look completely different. For instance, the colour red or yellow or green will make a hat look completely different from a brown or a beige hat.

Choose red because it is so special

A hat executed in red is an eye-catcher, you can't ignore it. That is also why both men and women choose red or yellow or green for a hat. You don't come across a red hat very often and that is exactly why you should choose this colour for your hat. Queen Maxima and Queen Mathilde from Belgium wear red hats, Vermeer painted a girl in a red hat and Spanish flamenco dancers choose either a black or a red hat. So why not choose one? Opt for a stylish and attractive hat. With red, it works perfectly! If you want to stay informed about new trends, sign up for our newsletter. You will gain a lot of inspiration here!

Choose Hatland for your special hats

If you are looking for a hat in red or any other colour, let us know. We will be happy to find the right hat for the right person. At Hatland, we have in-house specialists in fabrics as well as stylists. Ask your questions around style, quality, features and types of hats. Or would you like to know how best to maintain and store your hat? We can help you with that too. We will answer you and do so both by phone and e-mail. Or fill in the form on our website. We will answer you very quickly. Have you made your choice? Then order your hat today before 15:00h. We will pack your hat the same day and ship it immediately. Within the Netherlands, transport is free from €25. Moreover, all our products come with competitive guarantees.