Flap hats

Flap hats from Hatland made for you

The flap hat is a truly classic hat that became particularly famous among ladies because of its wide brim. Due to its wide brim, a flap hat has a striking appearance that perfectly suits a charming man or woman. Flap hats were worn in ancient times mainly due to the protective function of artisans, who wore a flap hat or other headgear while working outside. Only at a later stage did the flap hat come to Europe and the flap hat became more of an addition to the outfit. Flap hats were mostly worn during special occasions for women where it perfectly matched the fashionable outfit. The flap hat for women was picked to match the colour and material of the stylish woman's outfit. Since the flap hat is available in many different types, materials, sizes and colours, the flap hat always comes in handy.

The floppy hat for men and women

Apart from the flap hat being a classic and a favourite among women, there are also many different flap hats available for men. The flap hat has long since ceased to be a style example for ladies; there are also cool and stylish flap hats for men. Hatland therefore has a wide collection of flap hats for men and women. Find your perfect ladies' flap hat or men's flap hat at Hatland! 

Flap hats made of different materials

Because the flap hat has been around for centuries, it has been made in many different materials over time. Because flap hats come in different materials, they can be useful in different seasons. For instance, you can wear a felt or fabric hat in the cold winter days. But during the summer season, we have a matching straw hat available that keeps you nice and airy but also protects you from the sun. Besides these straw hats, we also have ideal flat caps for men in summer! For sun protection, check out our UPF50+ collection of hats.

Flap hats: summer, winter, autumn or spring...

Airy flap hats in a summer shade offer coolness and protect you from bright sunlight. But do you choose, for example, a dark-coloured flap hat in a warm fabric? Then you will be all set to go out in winter.

Flap hats in different colours

Hatland offers its collection of flap hats in different colours. Are you looking for a black flap hat, a white flap hat or maybe a red flap hat? Feel free to take a look because Hatland has its flap hats in all shapes and sizes. For example, the colours below are available:






Order a flap hat online?

Of course, Hatland has a great collection of floppy hats online that you can easily order online. But of course it is also possible that you want to try on the hat to see if it suits you. That is possible! Take a look at "Shop Search" to find a Hatland outlet near you. Tip; call first to see if your favourite hat is in stock.

A flap hat, comfortable to wear

The unique design of a flap hat makes it very comfortable to wear. You shape the brim exactly the way you want. Want more protection from the sun? Then pull the flap all the way horizontal. Would you like it a bit more airy and loose? This is also possible! The position of the hat and the flap determines the look. These hats are also very popular among men. You wear them in exactly the shape you want.

The elegance of a flap hat

The flap hat is the ideal hat for looking elegant. Playful glances, sneaky peeks or an open view of the world, it is all possible with a floppy hat. Try it out for yourself and go for this special hat!