Our corduroy caps, the classic cap with modern appeal

Corduroy is also called ribbed velvet, rib velvet, rib velour or ribcord. Corduroy is a method of weaving that makes the fabric soft and thick. In the 19th century, rib velvet was the most commonly used fabric for workman's trousers. Coats were also made with this and, of course, this included corduroy caps. Everyone knows them, the flat caps worn by dockers or factory workers. They were especially popular in England. That's why they were sometimes called 'Manchester'. They usually came in brown, dark blue or black. We gave these caps a new boost, but always with respect for the old models. We also offer corduroy snapback caps. Now corduroy caps are worn by ladies and by men.

Our modern corduroy caps

Usually the fabric corduroy was made of cotton, nowadays it is also made of other materials. At Hatland, we keep to the original fabric, namely cotton, as much as possible. The typical stitching that comes together towards the top and the typical button on the cap should definitely not be missing from an original corduroy cap. Our corduroy snapback caps are a slight exception to this. The model is slightly different. Corduroy caps add an extra touch to your clothes. Corduroy caps for women are worn as a style symbol. A corduroy cap for women gives a tough look to your outfit, without therefore appearing too masculine. A corduroy cap is fairly new among ladies, but women have definitely caught up. Corduroy caps have been discovered in abundance by ladies. Corduroy caps have actually never gone away among men. Corduroy hats for men therefore still look the same as when they were first worn. The typical short peak and the slightly slumped shape are typical for men's corduroy hats. And ladies can certainly appreciate this shape too. Corduroy hats are also worn in various ways by men. Whereas ladies usually wear corduroy caps straight on their heads, men's corduroy hats are worn straight on their heads and at an angle. Some men even put a corduroy cap on backwards. We often see this with our corduroy snapback caps. You wear it the way you feel best. You can create a very personal look with your corduroy cap. If you have any questions about corduroy material, styling or comfort, please contact us. We will be happy to explain further.

A warm corduroy cap for cold days

Velvet or corduroy is a warm fabric. Its unique way of weaving makes it windproof. A corduroy cap is therefore ideal if you like spending time outdoors. If you like to hike, garden or just enjoy going out, even if it is cold, then wear a corduroy cap. We also offer corduroy caps with ear flaps. This gives you even more protection from cold and wind. Our corduroy snapback caps are slightly lighter, but still give you the protection you need.

Hatland offers only top quality

Did you know that all our caps are worn by our employees? This is not only because they like them. They also test our caps thoroughly. This applies to both our corduroy hats for women and our corduroy hats for men. And our corduroy snapback caps do not escape these thorough tests either. We are pleased that our staff regularly pass on their comments to our designers. That way, you get the latest version of our caps every time. You too can forward your findings via our contact form. We are happy to listen to your ideas.

Buy your corduroy cap at Hatland

Have you found your favourite corduroy cap for women or men or corduroy snapback cap? Simply order online and it will arrive soon. If you have any questions, please let us know. Hatland will make sure you add value to your outfit with the right cap!