A cooling hat is very comfortable in hot weather

You know, those sultry hot summer days when it is sometimes a tad too hot. You then choose a trendy sun hat or one of our many summer hats. Think for example of a beach hat or a hemp hat. They protect you from the sun's too bright rays. Some of our summer hats are also UPF50+. This means that they also protect you from UV rays. At Hatland, we go one step further and also chose to include unique cooling hats in our range. Our Cooldown hats are made from lightweight fabrics and they can also feature ventilation holes.

Choose the fabric you feel most comfortable with

We have made our cooldown hats in different fabrics. Choose nylon, polyamide or cotton, for example. They are all airy fabrics under which you will not sweat. If we can help you choose the right fabric, feel free to ask us. We are here for you by phone, by e-mail or via the fill-in form. Our team is at your service!

Fresh summer colours for your cool hat

Light colours bounce back the sun. That is why we choose fresh colours when it comes to our cooling hats. Choose, for instance, natural, clay or beige. Do you want brighter colours because they go better with your outfit? Then we have, for example, khaki, anthracite or olive green in our colour palette.

A cooling hat in different designs

Because you can use a cooling hat in different circumstances, we have different designs. In both our fisherman's hat and our fabric hats, you will find cute and stylish cooling hats. They do exactly what you expect them to do on any occasion: bring coolness.

Ordered your Cooldown hat online? Get it delivered quickly to your home

Have you seen a nice Cooldown hat on our website? Don't wait any longer, they are popular hats that go out the door quickly. Order today before 15:00 and your hat will leave for you today. With this type of hat, you will enjoy the summer to the fullest!