Fashion hats

A fashion hat that suits you

The function of a hat was originally very practical, to protect the head from the cold. But for decades, the hat has long since passed its original function. For years, the hat has functioned as an extension of fashion. Whereas hats used to be mainly black and simple, now you can't think of anything crazy or it's there. There is actually no 1 definition of the fashion hat. You can better describe the hat as an extension of your outfit. Because whether you are looking for a warm winter hat in the middle of the cold winter or whether you are looking for that one fantastic beach hat for strolling on holiday, anything goes with a fashion hat. Of course, the fashion hat is kind of trend-sensitive. Every season, new models and colours dominate the street scene. But one thing is for sure, any model and any colour is possible! Of course, everything depends on which model of hat looks best on you and, not unimportantly, which one goes best with your outfit? How do you decide which model of hat suits you best? Of course, this depends on taste and what outfit or occasion do you want to wear a hat for? A fashion hat for a wedding will have to meet different requirements than a fashion hat you want to wear every day.


Huge choice of fashion hats

In any case, the choice is huge. On our website, you can browse our extensive collection. Which stylish hat will you go for? Will you go for the classic black felt hat, which gives all outfits a chic look? Then you have the choice of a classic model, or do you go for a more outspoken hat? How about a beautiful felt hat in beige, navy or even bright red? Check out Hatland's Leonora, Nathalie or Toronto hats. Each and every one of them beautiful hats. Guaranteed to get a lot of positive reactions.


Fashion hats for men

And don't forget the men. Because increasingly you also see the men's hat as a fashion item on the streets.  For men, the classic felt hat is actually always in fashion. These hats suit the tough business man perfectly, for example, and because of the huge selection of felt hats has, men will always succeed with us. Whether it's a nice black hat or how about a beige or navy-coloured hat? The difference in these hats is often in the band. For example, there are felt hats with a leather band, which gives the hat a tough look. Currently, you also see in the streets a lot of the bucket hat, also called a fisherman's hat. But the days when only fishermen wore this hat are long gone. This hat is characterised by the casual look, they come in many types of colours, materials and prints. It can be worn casually or more hip for the cool cool street boys and celebs.  Besides the trendy look, it also protects you from the wind, sun and rain! At Hatland, we have several models of buckethats in our collection.


Fashion hats for women

For women, you also see the bargee cap a lot, where it used to be worn only by boatmen, you now see this trendy cap being worn by the young fashion-conscious woman. This cap is available in different models and colours. For instance, we have the ultimate classic skipper's cap, the Marin Imper. But besides this classic, we also have a few new trendy models. Examples are the Vanessa wool, the Terez or the Veronique in a super cool chequered print!


Fashion hat online

So whether you go for a classic hat, a rain hat, a bucket hat or a statement hat, anything goes as a fashion hat! So a fashion hat is of all times. Available in all colours, materials and models. No hat is out of fashion. Choose your own fashion hat and make a statement!