Nylon caps

Choose comfort and solidity, our caps in nylon

Nylon is a plastic that has very many applications. It was launched on the market as early as 1938 and has enjoyed enormous success ever since. Originally, the intention was to replace expensive silk with the cheaper nylon, and this has been quite successful. Nylon is a synthetic polymer and is very strong. This fabric can be made very thin, giving it a very airy texture. Nylon is therefore ideal for caps for spring and summer. Nylon is also very easy to process with and other fabric, for example polyester. Whenever nylon is processed in this way, it acquires other properties. This allows us to design caps in nylon for autumn and winter as well.

Choose a nylon cap and enjoy the advantages

A cap in nylon has many plus points. As mentioned above, it is a lightweight. Nylon does not crease, so you can take your cap in nylon anywhere and store it easily. As such, it often ends up in the sports bag or travel case, but our nylon caps can easily withstand that. Moreover, nylon is also easy to wash and it keeps its original look very easily. In addition, it is also very strong. In fact, fishing lines and parachutes, for example, are made of nylon. This perfectly proves that nylon is rock solid. Take a look at the specifications of each of our caps in nylon. There you will find how to maintain them. Or feel free to ask us for advice on the properties of nylon. We will give you professional advice.

A nylon cap - different styles, different colours

If you take a look at our collection of nylon caps, you will see that the choice is huge. Baseball caps, flat caps, army caps and sun visors are our main nylon caps. After all, you can wear your cap in nylon in all circumstances. You go into town with your cap in nylon, you go jogging with your cap in nylon or you just sit on the beach and your cap in nylon protects you from the sun. Your nylon cap just becomes a part of your daily outfit. The colour of your cap in nylon greatly determines your overall look. For instance, a nylon cap in black, grey or brown will give you a totally different look than a blue, green or red nylon cap.

Want a nylon cap with extra features? At Hatland, you will find them!

Our customers regularly give us their findings and expectations of our caps in nylon. Based on this, we develop caps with specific properties. For example, consider a nylon cap with ear flaps to protect you even more. A water-repellent nylon cap for autumn and winter or a breathable nylon cap for spring and summer, we have them in our collection. You can also send us your expectations for nylon caps and your experiences with our caps in nylon. Contact us and we will listen to your ideas.

Hatland, expert in caps in nylon

If you are looking for a cap in nylon, you are guaranteed to find it at Hatland. Not sure which one to choose or still unsure about the properties of nylon? Then e-mail us or give our staff a call. Our experts and stylists know better than anyone how best to wear your nylon cap. Nylon is a very contemporary fabric and very suitable for trendy caps. Our nylon cap collection changes very often. Keep a close eye on our website, as we regularly come up with new models. Whatever question you have, contact us and we will give you a comprehensive answer.