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A size M hat, we make sure it fits perfectly!

To make a hat fit perfectly, measure your head. A size M hat lies between a Small (S) and a Large (L). And there is also an XL, the Extra Large. Hats size 56 and hats size 57 are considered a hat size M. Sometimes we hat makers also calculate with intermediate sizes, for example Small/Medium, under which we then count both hats size 55 and hats size 56. These size charts show that heads are never the same. But a hat should still fit perfectly, which is what we at Hatland aim for.

Why are there so many sizes?

Not every person is the same, and even in the same person, head size can vary. Maybe your hat size M feels too tight one time and too loose the next. This could be due to weather conditions, for example, or also fatigue.

Your size M hat, will it fit perfectly?

To make your hat fit perfectly, we have a number of tools at your disposal. A loose hat can be reduced one or two sizes thanks to our size reducers. You can also attach a cord and clip to your size M hat to keep it better on your head.

Keep your hat in top condition

By giving your hat the appropriate maintenance and care, a size 57 hat, for example, will always remain a size 57 hat. As far as possible, place your hat on a hat holder when you are not wearing it. This will prevent the hat from shrinking or expanding because it has been stored incorrectly. And read about the maintenance requirements and guarantees for each product. This way, you will be able to enjoy your hat for a very long time!

A hat size 56 or rather a hat size 57, which one do you need?

You will find a size chart with each product. But if you are in doubt about which hat you need exactly, contact us. We will assist you in making the right purchase! Just order online, there are no shipping costs for the Netherlands.