A white hat shows taste and class

White is of all times. A hat in white has been around for as long as there have been hats. There was a time when a white hat for men was less fashionable. But ever since Panama hats, slot hats and Fedora hats became known through classic films, a white hat for men has become unmissable. Everyone knows the white hat with black band that is so popular. For women, white has always been very popular. For women, a white hat is a great addition to the wardrobe. With a hat in white, you radiate energy as a lady. It makes your outfit airy and summery. A white hat with black band has a tough edge and is a real eye-catcher, even for ladies. It is safe to say that choosing a white hat is quite daring. You show that you have class and love style.

Choose your own style with a white hat

There are many types of hats in white. And white hats also come in all kinds of fabrics. For example, a cotton white hat will be very fresh in summer. A white hat for ladies is very popular for going for walks or for the beach. We also offer white hats for men and women in straw/cane hats. For men, we especially see that white hats with black band score well. Of course, leisure hats such as fishermen's hats should not be missing in white either. Such a hat in white will cool you down if you spend many hours outdoors.

Choose quality, choose white hats from Hatland

Whether you choose a summer white hat for women, a white hat with black band or a white hat for men made of linen, you want your white hat to do what it is supposed to do. A hat in white is mostly worn in spring and summer. This is why we at Hatland have chosen to choose some of our white hats in UFP50+. This material that we choose for white hats, among others, is processed in such a way that it does not allow harmful UV rays to pass through. You will find this feature in both our black-banded white hats, our fisherman's hats and our fabric hats, for example. Take a good look at the specifications of our hats. You will find all the properties of each hat. The quality of our hats is additionally tested by our own staff. Both our white hats for men and our white hats for women are worn by our designers and our employees. Thus, we know exactly what it is like to wear our hats in white. We learn how a white hat for men should be designed differently from a white hat for women. And we hear experiences about how a white hat with black band comes across and which outfit it goes best with. All these findings are the best learning experience to improve our hats in white again and again.

Trust Hatland's expertise for your hat in white

Have you found your favourite white hat for men on our website, or have you seen a beautiful white hat for women but are not sure yet? Ask advice from our staff specialists. They will be happy to inform you by phone or email. Or ask your question via the form. A white hat with black band, a white hat for going fishing or into town or a hat in white for going to a party, you will find it with us. Order your white hat before 15:00 and we will ship it today!