Opt for the future, choose sustainable hats

A hat made of sustainable materials contributes to ecologically responsible lifestyles. Hatland moves with the times and looks to the future. Our sustainable hats are stylish, contemporary and of the highest quality.

We test our sustainable hats ourselves

To be 100% sure that we deliver quality, we test our hats ourselves. We experience how they fit, whether they meet our requirements and whether they have sufficient charisma. And we also listen to our customers' reactions. This allows us to keep making our hats better and better.

Discover our range of hats with durable character

We ensure that only ecological and sustainably grown crops are used as the basis of our sustainable hats. Our collection of sustainable hats includes our linen hats. Linen has long been known for its durability. We are happy to continue this tradition. On the other hand, we also use lesser-known but very unique materials such as sea grass, organic cotton and organic raffia. For our Panama hats, we only choose sustainably produced panama fibres.

New technologies for our hats

We do not stand still and are always looking for new fabrics and new possibilities. For example, we have included hats made from recycled PET bottles in our range. They are processed through a unique process into a fabric that is very pleasant to the touch. When you choose our sustainable hats, you also choose to reduce waste.

We supply hats that are sustainable, which one will you choose?

If you browse our webshop, you will notice that we offer hats in various sustainable materials. You have a choice of numerous models, colours and style. And you will find this durability in our hats for summer/spring as well as for winter/autumn. If you would like more information about our sustainably produced hats, we would love to hear from you. Be sure to let us know about your experiences, too! Choose sustainability out of conviction or simply because you like one of our sustainable hats. Make a statement and choose a hat that is sustainable.