Through all weathers with your waterproof hat

The original function of a hat is to protect you from all kinds of weather conditions. Fog, rain and wind are common elements in our countries, which is why we at Hatland have a large number of waterproof hats in our range. Especially in our autumn/winter collection, you will find these hats. But even in spring and summer, you may need to protect yourself from rain. We have thought of that too and have these types of hats in our spring/summer collection as well.

Various water-repellent fabrics

Did you know that among our water-repellent hats, we have wool hats and also cotton hats, for example? These are not immediately the fabrics you would expect. Other fabrics that are water-repellent include polyester and nylon or a mix of polyester and cotton. These different fabrics allow you to choose that waterproof hat that best suits your lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a sporty fisherman's hat or a chic Fedora, you can be sure to find the suitable water-repellent hat.

Own experience counts

Making water-repellent hats is not that easy. But we are lucky that our designers and part of our staff test all our waterproof hats themselves. So we know from our own experience what requirements a water-repellent hat should meet. And we also like to listen to your findings. This is how we keep improving our waterproof hats.

Something for everyone

A water-repellent hat is worn by everyone and at any time of year. Young or old, women or men wear hats against the rain. This is also reflected in our wide range of colours. We offer a whole range of shades between white and black: beige, brown, red, blue... It's all possible! So your rain hat will match your clothes perfectly.

Experience Hatland quality

A hat that protects you from rain and wind should last a long time. At Hatland, we therefore only go for the highest quality. For each hat, you will find the specifications and features. Would you like more information or would you like advice on purchasing your waterproof hat? Ask your questions by phone, e-mail or fill in our form and we will help you choose the right hat!