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Hatland hats

Looking for a wide range of hats? Then discover the stylish collection of hats from Dutch brand Hatland. As a specialist in headwear, Hatland knows better than anyone else what a good hat should meet. Founded in 1992 as a small hat shop in the centre of Zwolle, Hatland is now a household name throughout the Netherlands. With more than 500 sales points throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, France and Italy, a Hatland hat or cap is available just about everywhere. Whether you are looking for a fashion hat or a tough outdoor hat for protection from the elements, Hatland is the hat shop online that offers the solution.

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Where once a hat was central to man's freedom, today it is both a head protection and a style item. A hat is the perfect accessory to make a fashion statement or finish off an outfit just that little bit. For instance, the cowboy hat was made famous by icons like John Wayne and the bowler hat by Charlie Chaplin, which hat do you prefer? Besides its many hat shops from Amsterdam to Groningen, Hatland now also has an online shop where many a hat lover can have fun. has more than 750 items in all kinds of different styles, types, colours and sizes. From a summer straw hat to a winter felt hat, combining well with one of our gloves, Hatland has it all. The strength of Hatland therefore lies in the variety of different hats that all have to meet the highest quality standards. In addition, Hatland offers a great solution for every budget, will you go for the exclusive and handmade Panama hat or rather the timeless and affordable fabric hat? Maybe take a look at Hatland's hat sale? Here, hats from last season are available at an attractive price. In short, a huge variety of different hats can be found at Hatland. To make it even easier, Hatland offers free shipping for hats from €25. The hat shop of the Netherlands ships very fast, so your hat will often reach you the very next day.

Discover our online hat shop

What could be nicer than visiting a hat shop from home, choosing a beautiful hat at your own pace and at the time that suits you best? Choosing the hat model, comparing them, picking colours and then shopping is very easy in our hat shop. You are not bound by opening hours and you get beautiful hats at home. In our hat shop, we are also happy to give you advice on finding the right hat to go with your clothes.

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To make things easier for you, we have divided our hat shop into categories. For example, you filter by material, colour, specific features and size. Combining these filters will lead you to the right hat in our hat shop. You shop from home just as you would in a physical shop. Only it is much easier to look around quietly at home.

Many kinds of hats in our hat shop

Many models of hats are true icons in the hat world. Think of the slot hat, the Fedora hat and the Trilby hat, Australian hats and Panama hats. If you are looking for a hat like this, you also want these hats to be perfectly crafted, down to the smallest details. At Hatland, you can be sure of this. We guarantee quality and at the same time a unique look. Our designers keep improving the designs. For our hat shop, we stay true to the traditional designs, but we always give these designs a contemporary touch.

A hat shop with top quality

In our hat shop, you will only find hats of the highest quality. Our staff wear our hats themselves and suggest improvements. The wearability, model, materials and overall look are subjected to rigorous testing. That way, we deliver real top-notch products. To wear a Hatland hat is to wear quality. Want tips on how to measure your head size? Hatland can help you with plastic hat holders, paper hat holders, size reducers and a cord and clip to match your hat.

Protect yourself with a hat from Hatland

Apart from the fact that hats and caps from Hatland are a fashion item of high quality, our hats also have a protective function. Take a look at our UPF50+ hats for example, they offer perfect protection against the sun's UV rays. But also Hatland's Cooldown hats protect you from the heat and keep your head cool. Are you going on holiday to the Spanish hot sun or do you prefer hiking in the Dutch forests? Perhaps a party where you are still looking for a suitable hat? Hatland offers a hat for all weather conditions that can match your outfit thanks to the variety of colours. Check out our anti mosquito hat and protect yourself from insects. Or are you going fishing for the weekend? Then take a quick look at our fishing hat collection. Hatland hats are distinguished by the perfect fit but also the comfort of our hats. Of course, it is difficult to buy a hat online because you cannot try it on, but Hatland has a solution for that. Thanks to our extensive product information, you know exactly which hat you are buying and whether it would be suitable for you. In addition, you can easily find what your size hat should be in the size chart. Hatland is the hat shop of the Netherlands. 

Frequently asked questions about our hats

To determine your ideal hat size, measure the circumference of your head just above the ears and eyebrows, where the hat would normally rest. Compare this measurement with the size chart on our website. It is important that the hat fits comfortably without being too tight, but also not too loose to slip off. Our sizes range from small to extra large, so everyone can find the perfect fit.

What hat materials does Hatland offer and what are their properties?

At Hatland, we offer a variety of hat materials, including wool, straw, cotton, and synthetic fabrics. Wool is ideal for colder months because of its warmth and durability. Straw hats are lightweight and breathable, perfect for summer. Cotton hats offer comfort and ease of maintenance, while synthetic materials are often water-repellent and durable. Each material has unique advantages and is suitable for different seasons and occasions.

How do I care and maintain my Hatland hat for longer life?

The care of your Hatland hat depends on the material. In general, it is advisable to keep hats clean and dry. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight to avoid discolouration. For wool and fabric hats, use a soft clothes brush to remove dust and dirt. Straw hats can be gently wiped with a slightly damp cloth. Always store your hat in a clean, dry place, ideally on a hat stand to maintain its shape.

Which hat is most suitable for outdoor activities?

For outdoor activities, we recommend hats that offer protection from both sun and rain. At Hatland, we offer hats with wide brims for maximum shade and UV protection, ideal for hiking, gardening or beach visits. Some models are made of water-repellent materials, ideal for rainy days. Look for hats with breathable materials and moisture-wicking properties for extra comfort during active outdoor sports.

Can I wear my Hatland hat in the rain?

Several hats in our collection are designed to be waterproof, ideal for light rain. These hats are made from materials such as treated wool or synthetic fabrics that repel moisture, keeping your head dry. However, it is important to let your hat dry properly in an open, airy area after using it in the rain. Prolonged exposure to heavy rain can affect the shape and integrity of the hat.

How do I choose a hat style that suits my face shape?

Choosing a hat style depends on your personal taste and the shape of your face. People with a round face may choose hats with a higher crown and angles, such as fedoras, to make the face appear longer. For a square face, hats with rounded edges and soft lines, such as cloches or floppy hats, are a good choice. For an oval face, most hat styles fit well. Try out different styles to see what best suits your personal style.