Fedora hats

A slot hat gives you the allure of a movie star

When you think of a fedora, do you immediately think of actors from the silver screen wearing white and black fedora hats like those worn by Humphrey Bogart? Alain Delon and Orson Welles also chose to buy a fedora hat. And Michael Jackson wore a slot hat in black. Angelina Jolie and Brigitte Bardot also beamed with a wide-brimmed slot hat. At Hatland, we know the appeal of slot hats for men and for women. Pair our slot hats with beautiful gloves and you'll get the look you deserve! A brown slot hat with wide brim has a totally different look than an all-black slot hat. We always make a women's slot hat a little finer and more elegant than a men's slot hat.

The effect of a white, colored or black fedora on your look

Buying a fedora is done very carefully. The slot hats that ladies buy are deliberately creating a form of appearance. For example, a slot hat in black gives the lady a tough look. Slot hats with a wide brim and a black band also have this effect. Ladies who buy a slot hat testify to character. On the other hand, a slot hat still gives ladies a charming look. A slot hat for men is not necessarily meant to appear tougher. A slit hat in black on a classic suit, for example, shows that you have an eye for detail. 

Choose your own fedora carefully

Buying a slot hat is not something you do every day. It is a well-considered purchase. You will find both slot hats for women and slot hats for men between our spring/summer collection and our fall/winter collection. Are you looking for a slit hat in black or another color? And do you want a slot hat for men or for women? Whether a slot hat for ladies looks different from one for men? On our website you will find a distinction, but of course you make the choice yourself. Feel free to also take a look at our similar hats, the Fedora or Trilby hats. Unlike our wide-brimmed slot hats, the latter is a narrow-brimmed slot hat. In a black slot hat, it may not be as noticeable. With a slot hat in a lighter color, the width of the brim is a defining feature. Therefore, in both the slot hats for women and the slot hats for men, you will find slot hats with wide brim and models with a narrower brim.

Choose the color of your slit hat according to your clothes

Thinking of buying a fedora? Then take a look at your wardrobe. Maybe you want to buy a slot hat in black to match your black costume. Or do you want to buy a slot hat that contrasts with your outfit? We also have slot hats with black and white, for example, a white hat with black band. Or choose a black slot hat with a brown leather band. For example, you can also buy slot hat with two colors. We also have this in our range. 

Don't just say a slot hat to a slot hat

If you take a closer look at our slot hats, you will notice different models. For example, we offer the Panama, the Trilby or the Fedora hat. They are all variations of the slot hat. At Hatland, every detail counts and we strictly adhere to the original designs of these various slot hats. After all, a different shape of hat has a lot of impact on the overall look of your outfit. If you really love the original designs, Hatland is the perfect place!

Slot hats, classic with a modern twist

Even though our slot hats are based on traditional designs, we give them a modern look. Modern materials from which they are made make them pleasant to wear. Or consider additional features like roll-up or uv-protective. With us, you will get a traditional stylish slot hat that meets all your needs.

Wear your slotted hat according to your preference

The nice thing about slot hats is that you can wear the hat the way you prefer. Sometimes all you have to do is simply reshape the slot and your hat looks completely different. You grab the hat by the slot when you take it off your head and put it back on. In doing so, feel free to give the side of the slot hat two more dents, it just comes with the territory.

Buying a fedora in our web shop

Would you like to buy a fedora such as a particular model of black fedora or a fedora with wide brim? We have a wide selection, both in the slot hats for men and the slot hats for women. Do you find a black fedora too strong and would you like a different color? Feel free to ask us what possibilities there are. We make sure that not only the men's slot hats fit perfectly, we also want our ladies' slot hats to become your favorite headgear.