Wool hats

Comfort and stylish class with a wool hat

Wool is a material that is soft to the touch and at the same time ideal for protecting you from the cold. Wool hats are classy and always look chic. That is why woollen hats are very popular among ladies. But woollen hats for men have also become very popular recently. What our straw/cane hats, hemp hats and linen hats are for summer, our woollen hats are for winter. When you wear a woollen hat, you exude class. Our woollen hats are therefore our top items in our autumn and winter collection. You will find woollen hats for women as well as woollen hats for men in our range.

Wool hats in different versions

At Hatland, we try on our hats ourselves. And we notice that every person is different. Therefore, we regularly come up with new designs. On our website, for example, you will find spherical wool hats, Fedora hats in wool and Trilby wool hats. For example, you can choose a woollen hat that you can roll up. This will create a totally different look. And did you know that we also have wool hats that are water-repellent? Some of our woollen hat designs have ventilation holes. This offers extra comfort. Hatland stands for quality hats. Therefore, a woollen hat from Hatland is always a good idea. Take a look among our wide range of wool hats and find the ideal wool hat ladies or wool hat men that suits you. With a woollen hat from Hatland you can combine endlessly, it looks so good with different outfits that it will soon be impossible to imagine your wardrobe without a woollen hat. Update your wardrobe with the fantastic wool hats from Hatland.

Colours abound in our wool hats for men and women

With our collection of woollen hats, you have a very wide choice of colours. For women, a woollen hat is often an additional accessory, just like a scarf or an umbrella. Or take a look at our beautiful matching gloves. A woollen hat will complete your outfit. You can choose a woollen hat that is the same colour as your jacket or boots, or choose a colour that contrasts nicely with your outfit. If you want to pay even more attention to detail, choose a woollen hat with a decorative belt. You then let the colour of either the belt or the hat itself match your clothes. Not only in our wool hats for women do we notice that they are chosen with great care. Men also deliberately choose their woollen men's hats and choose woollen hats according to their own style. You will be amazed what colours you will find in our collection. Are you looking for a classic brown or black wool hat, or do you go for a striking red, green, a bright blue or navy blue wool hat? And we also have two-coloured wool hats. There is enough choice to wear a different woollen hat with every outfit.

Our woolly hats for women

If you go through our range of woollen hats for women, you will notice a difference from the woollen hats for men. Ladies often prefer bright colours and striking elements in the hat. Some prints, colours and shapes are more popular among ladies than men. In any case, our wool hats for ladies always come with an elegant touch. The difference is often in the details, but every detail counts at Hatland. You can wear your woollen hat with a dress and high-heeled shoes as well as with tough jeans and trainers.

Our woolly hats for men

A woollen hat for men is elegant and cool at the same time. The colours, the finish and the design make woollen hats for men a real eye-catcher. Tough materials such as leather and colours with character - brown, beige and black for example - are typical for men's wool hats. You wear them on a suit, but just as well on casual clothes.

Sustainability and trends go hand in hand

Wool is a natural product. When you choose a wool hat ladies or wool hat men, you are not only choosing fashion and top quality, you also have an eye for the environment. At Hatland, we are environmentally conscious and therefore happy to offer woollen hats. Our woollen hats can be 100% wool, or they can also be made of a mix of wool and another fabric such as dacron and cotton for example. Basically, you will find the same compositions in woollen hats for women as for men. We are happy to advise you on the different fabrics, models, colours and properties of our wool hats.

We help you choose your woolly hat

On our website, you will find useful filters to find just the woolly hat you have in mind. First of all, choose whether you are looking for a woollen hat for women or a woollen hat for men. In addition, choose the size, colours, features and more of your wool hat. Once you have chosen your woolly hat for women or men, we will do everything to deliver it to your home quickly. That is the power of