Wool caps

Our woollen caps, warm, comfortable and classy

People buy woollen hats mainly because they are so warm. We therefore have a whole range of hats in wool for autumn and winter. On the other hand, wool feels very comfortable, which is why we at Hatland have also chosen to include a number of wool caps in our spring and summer collection. Our range of hats in wool is very large. We will gladly help you choose the right wool flat cap or other cap in wool.

Top quality wool caps

At Hatland, we go for beauty, comfort and quality at the same time. Because our employees wear all our wool caps themselves, we receive many suggestions and can constantly improve our caps. Wool is a unique material. In our collection, you will find hats made of 100% wool and hats in which we have chosen a mixture of, for example, wool, acrylic, silk... ... Feel free to ask us about the different properties of these mixed fabrics. We will be happy to advise you.

Which wool cap will become your favourite?

Wool is pleasant to the touch, which is why we offer different types of wool caps. For example, you can choose a wool flat cap, a wool skipper cap, a wool baseball cap or a wool balloon cap. But there is even more. Some of our caps in wool have additional features. For example, if you choose a wool flat cap for winter, you might be interested in choosing a water-repellent cap. Also consider a cap in Gore-Tex, a cap that is wind- and waterproof but still breathable. For summer, we have wool caps in UFP50+, for example. This fabric is specially treated to protect you from too bright UV rays.

The right colours for the right person

Just as you choose your clothes carefully, you will also choose your wool cap with care. For example, you might choose a unicolour cap in a colour that completely matches your outfit. Or you may choose a cap in different colours. In some of our the woollen flat caps, for example, the flap is in a different colour to the cap. This gives a playful yet classy look to the cap. A typical pattern for a woollen flat cap, for example, is chequered or checkered. A flat cap is also called an English cap. Plaid is indeed a typical English pattern. It brings the atmosphere of the Scottish Highlands and the tartan patterns of the various clans to your home. Wool is a fabric in which several threads are woven together. As a result, there is a very wide variety in our colours for wool caps. The differences between two colours are sometimes very subtle, but that is exactly what makes you choose the cap that best suits your personality. Do you opt for cool colours like grey, anthracite and brown? Or do you prefer brighter colours like red or blue? It is possible with us!

Looking for a wool cap? Choose Hatland quality!

Do you want to buy a wool cap? Then choose the top quality of Hatland. You make your choice and send your order through our webshop. If you like woollen caps, you probably like trends and fashion. Therefore, read our blogs regularly or subscribe to our newsletter and get inspired. If you have any questions, contact us and we will help you where we can. Buying a wool flat cap is a great choice. A wool cap finishes off your attire and adds allure to your wardrobe. We will help you choose a wool cap that will be your favourite headgear for a long time to come.