Vintage hats

Our vintage hats, retro for today's hat lovers
Vintage, retro or nostalgic... whatever you want to call it, our hats are in a class of their own. Vintage means authentic. Our vintage men's hats and women's hats are based on original models from earlier decades. Basically, vintage is anything that has lasted more than 30 years. Hats in vintage style date back to the days when haute couture was very popular. And our vintage hats exude that atmosphere too. The vintage hats you buy online from us are designs that have proven their success. With a vintage women's hat or a vintage men's hat from our range, you can create a chic yet trendy look for yourself.


which outfit will your vintage hat go with?
For starters, a vintage hat goes with classic fine attire. Gentlemen, pair your vintage men's hats with your tailored suit. Ladies, wear your vintage ladies hats with a suit. Often, a vintage hat makes a traditional outfit less classic and, on the contrary, creates a trendy look. This classy look can also be achieved, for example, with our Panama hats, Fedora hats or Trilby hats. But if you look at our vintage hats online, you will notice that each vintage hat still has that unique touch of nostalgia. Pair your vintage hat, for example, with a wide-skirt 60s-style dress, a fashionable summer dress or a Twiggy outfit. Gentlemen wear their vintage hat with a gabardine jacket or a 1950s mackintosh. Combine, experiment and use your imagination. With vintage hats, you will inevitably also wear classy gloves. Gloves were very popular in the haute-couture years, and they are gaining ground again now. They complete your outfit.


Pick colour with vintage hats
The retro years were the years of colour. Think of the '60s-'70s with bright hues. The 40s and 50s were also full of typical shades. The designers at Hatland therefore choose to adopt these colours in our hats. Browse our vintage hats online and click on the colour you want. When you order vintage hats online, you will immediately see what your vintage hat looks like. Among our hats, you will find both dark colours such as brown and black. On the other hand, we have vintage hats in red, bright blue, beige or green, for example. You can buy several vintage hats online so that you can wear a vintage hat in a matching colour with every outfit.


We go for comfort, even with our vintage hats
Vintage style has nothing to do with seasons, age or gender. That is why you will find quite a few hats in both our spring/summer collection and our autumn/winter range, and we offer vintage men's hats as well as vintage women's hats. A vintage hat is mainly about the design. It is therefore possible to manufacture these hats in all conceivable fabrics. Think leather, wool, cotton or polyester. Or are you looking for a vintage women's hat UPF50+ that protects you from harmful UV rays or do you want a vintage men's hat that is water-repellent? We have them in our range!


Order your vintage hats online
At Hatland, we are happy to help you choose your vintage men's hats or vintage women's hats. The perfect hat for the right person is what we strive for. Our specialists will be happy to advise you on styling, quality and finishing of our hats. Ask your questions in our contact form, email or call us if you are still in doubt. If you order your vintage hats online, do it before 15:00h. Then your hat will be packed and shipped the same day. Together with you, we will create the perfect vintage look!