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A cap from Hatland: different types, great quality, stylish

If you are looking for a cap, we can offer you many types of caps. The most well-known caps are baseball caps and trucker caps. But our skipper caps are also very successful. Feel free to take a look, because we have so many more types of caps. We have different kinds of caps for spring/summer and also many kinds of caps for autumn/winter. After all, there is no age or season on wearing a cap. Make your choice and wear a quality Hatland cap.

Why choose a cap?

Caps are comfortable to wear. They are lightweight and you can end up wearing them on any style of clothing. At Hatland, we have different types of caps: sporty or classic, airy or nice and warm. From all types of caps, choose exactly the one that meets all your expectations. Hatland is happy to help you with this!

Choose your personal cap from all types of caps from Hatland

We offer different types of caps because everyone has their own taste and style. Our army caps have a very special shape, which is then completely different from our cute flat caps. Sun visors also belong to our types of caps, but these are then worn completely differently from our other types of caps. All types of caps also have a different function. Among our types of caps, we offer, for example, snapback caps for summer. These protect your eyes from the sun and are made of an airy fabric so you don't sweat under the cap. Other types of caps include caps with ear flaps. They are indispensable if you like to be outdoors in autumn or winter. If you also combine all types of caps from our range with the many colours, you will have an endless choice of different types of caps.

Different types of caps, different properties

All types of caps each have their specific properties. For example, we have types of caps that are breathable, anti-mosquito or cooldown. Or are you looking for types of caps that protect you from UV rays? Then check out our UPF50+ caps. With the different types of caps, you will get a number of models each time. You will then find the specifications for each product. And did you also know that at Hatland, our employees wear all our types of caps? This gives us the opportunity to incorporate all criticisms and comments into our caps. After so many years of research and real-life testing, we only have types of caps that are comfortable, serve their purpose and also look fun, snazzy and stylish. Would you like more information on a particular cap or on all types of caps? Feel free to ask our experts for advice, get in touch and we will inform you in detail.

Choose from Hatland's variety of caps

Designing and making caps has been our profession and passion for many years. This is also reflected in Hatland's vastly expanded range. And there are still more to come. If you want to keep up to date with hat trends or follow Hatland, sign up for our newsletter. Have you found exactly the cap you like most out of all the types of caps? Great! Simply order from our webshop. If you order quite early in the day, your cap will be shipped the same day. Delivery times are never long, you will receive your cap quickly at home. Would you like to order not just one but several types of caps? Of course you can. That way you can choose which cap you will wear on which day.