Hemp hats

Choose a hemp hat for a natural look

Hemp is a special plant fibre with a natural look. The fibres from which hemp textiles are made come from the bark of the plant. They give a hat a casual yet elegant look. Hemp is especially suitable for spring and summer. Like our straw/straw hats, this material is light and it is breathable.

A hemp hat for extra allure

You can compare a hemp hat to a linen hat. But hemp has a slightly more airy feel. A hat in hemp is loved by both men and women, and it is mostly worn to exude class. A light hat like a hat in hemp goes with a summer dress and with a shirt and shorts. But these hats are also liked with summer suits. A hat in this material adds cachet to your attire.

Bring in the sun with a hemp hat

Our beige and white hats have great success in spring and summer. We notice this plenty with our hemp hats. The natural look, together with the light colour and fresh design, make this type of hat a real summer hat.

Choose for durability, choose hemp

With a hemp hat, you choose for sustainability. After all, hemp is an ecologically responsible product. If you choose a hat in hemp, you are taking care of the environment and are mindful of your ecological footprint. If you like to stay up to date with our news, sign up for our newsletter.

Order your hemp hat at Hatland

If you choose a natural product with a natural look, your choice of a hemp hat is perfect. Simply order online and your hat will be delivered quickly. Do you have any questions about the hat, its maintenance or how best to store it during the winter? Mail or phone us or fill in the contact form on our website. Our team is ready to advise you!