Stro/Rieten hoeden

Straw and wicker hats are of all times

Older people among us know Maurice Chevalier's straw hat, Queen Maxima wears straw hats in all models: sometimes a straw hat with a wide brim, sometimes a tall wicker hat. At Hatland, you will find straw hats for men and wicker hats for women in abundance. You match your wicker hat for ladies or your wicker hat for men perfectly to your outfit. Wicker hats are timeless, but also modern. The material is traditional, but the models are trendy. At Hatland, we go for quality and durability. If you choose a wicker hat now, you can be sure that you will still be wearing it in so many years to come. Both straw hat ladies and straw hat men are hugely popular these days. For a straw hat, Hatland is the place to be.

Known models of straw and wicker hats for women and men

When you hear the names Panama hat or Fedora hat or we say 'sun hats', you probably immediately think of the model rather than the material. However, these models include a lot of straw hats for men and straw hats for women. A straw hat can also be black or white or some other colour. Between a straw hat for women and a straw hat for men, there is no difference in terms of material. With wicker hats for ladies, however, you will find different models than straw hats for men. You will also find wicker hats for ladies in different shades than wicker hats for men. And a straw hat for a child will have other specific requirements. We have provided for that too in our designs. Feel free to ask anything you would like to know about straw hats for men, wicker hats for women or straw hats for a child. We will inform you about this special material.

Our wicker hats for ladies

Wicker hats for ladies have been around for a long time. Wicker is a natural material, it was available everywhere and quite easy to work with. Our wicker hats for ladies have been given a contemporary look. Will you choose a fashionable wicker hat for ladies, for example a flap hat with a snappy coloured scarf? Or do you prefer a wicker hat for women to which we have added a tough edge? Then consider a fedora hat, for example. The choice of wicker hats for ladies is huge!

Our wicker hats for men

We all know the classic wicker hat: the slit hat in natural colour with a cool band around the hat. But at Hatland, we turn every wicker hat for men into a truly contemporary hat. Sometimes it's the details that stand out, for example a modern band around the hat. Sometimes the hat itself is the centre of attention: a flat shape, a slightly bulbous shape or a dent hat, for example. Match your wicker hat with your shoes, clothes and accessories. This will give an extra boost to your outfit. Men are also allowed to be vain. Look for a wicker hat that features colours that are also common in your clothes. This will make it even easier for you to choose a matching wicker hat from your wardrobe.

Why choose straw and wicker hats?

Straw hats are made airy and are fresh in spring and summer. In a straw hat for men, you will not sweat easily. For example, you can find straw hats for men that are made of breathable fabric. A straw hat for the beach is always a stylish accessory for the modern woman. A straw hat for men with an Australian touch, a straw hat for ladies who like to wear a hat with a scarf or a cute straw hat for a child, we have them! A straw hat ladies and straw hat men are gaining popularity. Especially the straw hat ladies is worn by more and more women. The straw hat ladies is ideal for wearing, for example, on a holiday beach, among the palm trees. With a straw hat ladies from Hatland, you will attract attention on holiday. The straw hat can also be worn by men and is not just for ladies. Check out our wide range of straw hat ladies and straw hat men. Be inspired by a straw hat!

Go for the style and charm of a straw hat and wicker hat for ladies

Are you planning to buy a straw hat for ladies? Some models of straw hats for ladies have a wide brim that protects you from the sun's rays. Other straw hats for ladies have a roll-up brim, yet other straw hats for ladies come in two colours. Looking for a snazzy straw hat for ladies in shades such as red or blue? You can find this straw hat for ladies with us! If you choose a straw hat for ladies that is finished with a band, you can also choose the colour of the band yourself. The details of a straw hat for ladies also count for us. Some straw hats for ladies are made of a fabric that is a mixture of straw and another material. You can find this information with each hat.