Sympatex hats

Optimal protection with a Sympatex hat

Sympatex is a very popular fabric when it comes to perfect protection against rain and wind. This material has been around since 1969 and is a patented fabric. This fabric is used for sailing, motorbike and rainwear, among other things. At Hatland, we have therefore chosen to design some of our hats in Sympatex. It is a durable material and both men and women like to wear hats in this fabric.

Sympatex, breathable and waterproof

The special thing about Sympatex is that this fabric is both breathable and waterproof. No rain can penetrate from the outside, but body moisture will still be able to be released from the inside. This means that even if the weather is warm, you will not sweat under the hat. If you are still looking for a hat for spring and summer , have a look at our other models and materials.

Sympatex and UPF50+

Your Sympatex hat is particularly suitable for outdoor activities in autumn and winter , in rain, fog and snow. In addition, your Sympatex hat can also be UPF50+. This means it has a high Ultraviolet Protection Factor. Your hat will protect you from UV rays. Take a good look at the specifications for each product. You can read all about the special properties of our hats here.

Sympatex has a pleasant feel

This unique material feels soft and pleasant to the touch. It is comfortable and also a lightweight. It hardly creases and has a sporty look. Yet our outdoor hats made of Sympatex are not only ideal for enjoying the great outdoors. They are also stylish enough to take into the city.

Order your Sympatex hat at Hatland

You can easily order your Sympatex hat online. With just a few clicks, you will have your hat in your home quickly. If you order before 15:00, it will be sent to you the same day. If you have any questions about this or other hats from our range, please let us know. We can be reached by phone, email or via our form. Together we will make sure you choose the right Hatland hat.