Trilby hats

Trilby hats for sale at Hatland
Now also available at Hatland; the Trilby hat! The Trilby hat by Hatland is perhaps the most famous hat in the world. Not everyone will be familiar with the term 'Trilby', but certainly in Europe, this hat has become an integral part of the men's or women's street scene. The Trilby hat was first introduced during George du Maurier's play ''Trilby''. After this play, the hat became known by the name ''Trilby''. A ''Trilby hat can be made of different materials.


What is a Trilby hat?
The Trilby hat is characterised by a flat front that curves slightly downwards and an up-folded back. As mentioned earlier, the Trilby is available in all different types and materials. In addition, Hatland also offers a wide colour choice of Trilby hats, do you prefer a tough brown hat or a chic red hat? The Trilby hat is often confused with the Fedora hat, however, there is a big difference between the two hats. The Fedora hat is a hat with a wider brim than the Trilby hat and a different crease in the brim. This is also called the difference between the ''small brim'' and ''wide brim'' hat. In addition, the Fedora hat is worn differently, the Fedora hat is worn more forward where the Trilby hat is worn more on the back of the head. So there are clear differences between the trilby hat and the fedora. The trilby hat is a true addition to your wardrobe if this is the kind of hat you like. Check out our wide range of trilby hats and get inspired.


A hat that suits your look
Whereas the Trilby hat used to be loved by musicians and other celebrities, it has since become an accessory for everyone. The Trilby is suitable for women, men and children. Its narrow brim makes the hat comfortable and suitable for everyday use. Besides the Trilby hat, Hatland offers many other types of hats that are similar to the Trilby hat. The Fedora hat is a hat with wider brim, perfect for protection from the sun. But Hatland also offers the following types of hats in addition to the trilby:


Vintage hats

Slot hats

Panama hats

More looking for a hat suitable for an outdoor holiday? Check out our categories with special features. These hats offer protection and are unique in the Netherlands. 


Trilby hats for summer and winter!
A Trilby hat is there for every season, in the summer season we like to wear a breezy Trilby hat made of, for example, straw/cane, breathable cotton or linen. While in the winter season we prefer to go for a felt, fabric, wool or leather hat. The Trilby hat collection is excellently combined with Hatland's features such as water-repellent material and UPF50+ sun protection. So you have a fashionable hat combined with the protection you are used to from a Hatland headgear.